Art Lab is the leading laboratory fume hoods manufacturers in Hyderabad, India. Our Highly efficient and Heavy Duty Fume Hoods are of International Quality, Style and are the most competitively priced for Its Features and Standards. The customer gets a World Class Fume Hood, at a most Reasonable Price and on a Quick delivery time. Our Excellent after sales support and Cheaper Spares makes our Fume Hoods, an excellent Choice above the Imported Fume Hoods.

All our Fume Hoods are designed for maximum energy savings and maximum user protection with a guarantee for Quality and Robust Construction. High Quality Lining material, flammability, and containment performance are also hallmarks of our product. Our products have all the features that will surpass industry standards in every aspect.


Modular Design

Space saving innovative designs suitable for various kinds of apparatus, materials and processes.

Multiple Model

Multiple Models to Choose: Auto By pass, VAV, Low Level, Walk – In, etc.


Optional and innovative automatic sash control that sets your hands free while working.


Safety features in place that are above industry standards providing safety to users & greater life to the fume hoods.


Quality, Sturdy and Reliable Indian construction.

Built For Performance

Be it a light duty enclosure only meant for vapors, sophisticated hood for toxic fumes, or a specialized Fume Hood for unique applications.