A decade of crafting labs to perfection

Artlab was established in 2010 with the sole purpose of building world-class laboratories. With a decade of experience and having executed more than 100 projects, Artlab has positioned itself as one of the best design and engineering firms to build cutting-edge laboratories

Being an end-to-end solutions providers, Artlab is equipped with fully integrated facilities consisting of R & D facility, architectural design infrastructure and fully functional engineering shop floor.

The promoters of Artlab strongly believe that mundane laboratories can be transformed into tastefully-designed workspaces with complete aesthetics. To achieve this, Artlab employs top notch architects and engineering professionals who are skilled in delivering fine craftsmanship.

Continuous research & development activities have ensured that innovations are made possible in lab design and fabrication methods.

Each project executed till date has been crafted with passion. Clients are involved right from the planning stage through design and fabrication stages – thus ensuring the client requirements are well met.

Latest CAD/CAM technologies are used for designing, while advanced lathe and CNC machines are used for fabrication. The fabrication is done using the best-grade raw material, which makes our products not only elegant, but also strong and sturdy.

Planning + Design

One of the key success factors in our journey is design thinking. We practice design thinking in every project we take up. Our experience says that every client is unique and their requirements are unique. We, therefore, involve the client right at the beginning of the planning stage to understand their unique requirements and design their laboratories purely on those lines.


We believe in preserving and caring for the nature. Hence, we continuously innovate to build products that have lesser impact and lend our hand to protect the environment. Artlab adheres to the philosophy of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle; and embeds this philosophy into every product that we manufacture.

Our Expertise

Our passion for innovation and our platter of end-to-end solutions have helped us garner trust among our clients. Today our footprint has expanded across the industry verticals and have delivered on diverse laboratory projects for varied clientele. Our completed projects include:

3500 sft.

Stock availability on standard models

2400 sft.

labs fully furnished & delivered daily

Upgrade your laboratory

with the world-class Lab Furniture,
Fume Hoods, Lab Storage and Lab Accessories