Clinical labs are the most common type of labs that one could find around. In spite of being common, they play a very important role in the healthcare industry by providing diagnostic services and aid in making clinical decision-making process.

Clinical labs usually require a flexible design that can accommodate the changing trends in diagnostic processes and technologies as well as provide room for future expansion. In addition, clinical labs must have built-in protocols for safety, testing processes, prevention of contamination and waste disposal.

Artlab had undertaken numerous projects in designing clinical labs that adhere to world class standards and comply with all the regulations and safety protocols as laid out by the regulatory bodies.

As a one stop resource for all the lab furniture requirements of clinical labs, Artlab provide comprehensive designing and fabrication solutions. Modular design approach is adopted to ensure convenience for the user, flexibility in usage, and to easily add future upgrades to the lab.

Important aspects in designing clinical labs:

  • Open and smart design that accommodates existing as well as future technologies.
  • Modular and movable lab furniture for easy usage, maintenance and future upgrades.
  • Compliance to all prevailing regulations.
  • Compliance to safety regulations for protecting the staff, scientists, doctors and patients
    visiting the labs.
  • Ensure prevention of contamination and easy waste disposal.

Our Expertise

Our passion for innovation and our platter of end-to-end solutions have helped us garner trust among our clients. Today our footprint has expanded across the industry verticals and have delivered on diverse laboratory projects for varied clientele. Our completed projects include:

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