A simple fume hood just provides safety from harmful vapours and chemicals. A fume hood designed by Artlab can bring a sense of pride to its owner for its aesthetic looks in addition to doing its regular job.

Artlab offers specialty fume hoods for wide range of applications including acid digestion, downflow, perchloric acid, radioisotope, scrubber, and water wash.

They are available in both ducted and ductless varieties. Based on the client needs, the fume hoods can be customized for all these applications.

We use high quality raw material (stainless steel) for the construction and best quality liner material (Polyupropelene, epoxy resin, Phenolic resin, fiberglass reinforced polyester, etc.) for enhanced user safety.



Space saving innovative designs suitable for various kinds of apparatus, materials and processes.


Multiple Models to Choose: Auto By pass, VAV, Low Level, Walk – In, etc.


Optional and innovative automatic sash control that sets your hands free while working.


Safety features in place that are above industry standards providing safety to users & greater life to the fume hoods.


Quality, Sturdy and Reliable Indian construction.


Be it a light duty enclosure only meant for vapors, sophisticated hood for toxic fumes, or a specialized Fume Hood for unique applications.

Our Expertise

Our passion for innovation and our platter of end-to-end solutions have helped us garner trust among our clients. Today our footprint has expanded across the industry verticals and have delivered on diverse laboratory projects for varied clientele. Our completed projects include:

3500 sft.

Stock availability on standard models

2400 sft.

labs fully furnished & delivered daily

Upgrade your laboratory

with the world-class Lab Furniture,
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