Modern labs require modern accessories

Artlab brings state-of-the art lab accessories that are contemporary in design and high on utility value. Be it swan-neck faucets or valves or pegboards, every lab accessory is designed to perfection using industrial material and conforms to all safety standards.

Continuous innovations in design and R & D has made Artlab standout in delivering products that are aesthetically superior and provide best in value for our clients.

Our Expertise

Our passion for innovation and our platter of end-to-end solutions have helped us garner trust among our clients. Today our footprint has expanded across the industry verticals and have delivered on diverse laboratory projects for varied clientele. Our completed projects include:

3500 sft.

Stock availability on standard models

2400 sft.

labs fully furnished & delivered daily

Upgrade your laboratory

with the world-class Lab Furniture,
Fume Hoods, Lab Storage and Lab Accessories