Scientific labs usually combine the aspects of clinical, and R&D lab designs. They require highly safe and healthy environment that has zero risk of contamination from foreign objects and hazardous material.

These labs must give its users the flexibility to change and realign the lab furniture according to the changing requirements, while maintaining all safety protocols.

Hence, Artlab studies the requirements and the available space thoroughly before designing and fabricating scientific labs. Artlab prescribes an open and flexible / modular design for scientific labs – that not only factor in future requirements, but also ensure zero violations in chemical contamination and disposal of hazardous material.

In case of biotech labs, Artlab ensures takes into account the need for higher biosafety levels and provides separate work/storage spaces for chemical processes and bio-culture based procedures. This includes providing containment areas (with primary and secondary barriers) for bio agents, live subjects and hazardous material.

Important aspects in designing Pharma Labs:

  • Opt for a open and flexible design.
  • Modular design for efficient usage of space and easy maintenance.
  • Adherence to high quality standards right from the selection of raw material.
  • Compliance to all safety and procedural protocols.
  • Reduce the chances of direct and cross contamination.
  • Set protocols for disposal of hazardous material.
  • Secured work spaces for bio culture-based procedures.
  • Secured containment areas for live subjects and bio agents.

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