Wall Benches by Artlab are sturdy, wall attached non-mobile lab workstations / platforms that offer superior strength and elegance for most critical laboratory works. They are made with high grade steel 2”x2” tubular chasis – thus making them sturdy, durable, long lasting

Artlab can design and deliver from a simple lab wall bench to complete workstations fitted with an assortment of cupboards, electrical and plumbing fittings. These laboratory wall benches comply with all standards and norms as applicable.

The wall benches can be completely customized:

Tabletop: Granite slabs or epoxy polyester or stainless steel

Cabinets: Fixed or mobile

Sink position: Customizable

Plumbing: As per client specifications

Electrical: As per client specifications

Our Expertise

Our passion for innovation and our platter of end-to-end solutions have helped us garner trust among our clients. Today our footprint has expanded across the industry verticals and have delivered on diverse laboratory projects for varied clientele. Our completed projects include:

3500 sft.

Stock availability on standard models

2400 sft.

labs fully furnished & delivered daily

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